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Welcome to the home of JST Trailers – we’re your Trailer Manufacturing experts! Whatever your trailer needs are, we’ve got them covered for you.

Box Trailers

Box Trailers are the most common type of trailers that we manufacture. Very light and can be pulled by a small truck or SUV - suitable for moving small equipment and materials.

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Box Trailers Melbourne

Cage Trailers

Cage Trailers, or sometimes refereed to as Caged Trailers, are suitable for moving around large quantities of materials or waste, such as garden trimmings or home rubbish.

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Cage Trailers Melbourne
Camper Trailers Melbourne

Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers are design for all types of camping getaways. With a huge variety of optional features available, we can design and build you the perfect camping trailer.

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Custom Trailers Melbourne

Custom Trailers

Every customer has unique needs for their trailer. We work out exactly what that need is and then go off and develop a custom made trailer to suit your exact requirements.

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Enclosed Trailers

We offer all types of Enclosed Trailers to Melbourne residents which are available in either single axle or dual axel. Our enclosed trailers, as their name suggests - are fully enclosed.

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Enclosed Trailers Melbourne

Motorbike Trailers

We also offer some of the best motorbike trailers in the Melbourne area. Transporting your motorbike around couldn’t be easier now with a new motorbike trailer for JST Trailers.

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Motorbike Trailers Melbourne
Tandem Trailers Melbourne

Tandem Trailers

We offer the best quality Tandem Trailers in Melbourne at very affordable prices. Our Tandem Trailers are the perfect solution for moving furniture or equipment around.

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Tradesman Trailers Melbourne

Tradesman Trailers

We have manufactured hundreds of Tradesman Trailers for Melbourne Tradies over the years with custom made Tradesman Trailers that meet their individual specifications.

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About JST Trailer Manufacturers

JST Trailers, founded by John Stephanou, is a Dandenong North based trailer manufacturer with over 15 years in operation – having built thousands of custom made trailers for residents all over Melbourne.

We specialise in building custom made trailers for each individuals requirements and specifications. Starting from scratch, we work closely with you on the design of your new trailer and then we go off to build it for you within the shortest build times at a price you can afford.

All of our trailers are made from high quality materials and are built to last a lifetime. Our craftsmanship guarantee also focusses on producing quality trailers that our customers will happy with with.

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Why choose JST Trailers?

  • We use high quality materials to ensure a long lasting manufacturing guarantee.
  • We can design, build and deliver to residents living anywhere in Melbourne.
  • We also offer a range of accessories to go with your custom trailer.
  • Trailers joined with longer and more consistent welds giving overall strength
  • Our craftsmanship guarantee ensures that our trailers will be very durable.

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